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Did you know that Sarah has a background in baking and dessert catering? She's been making cookies for her family and friends pretty much since she was a toddler and would scream at her Mom if she wasn't included in the kitchen. 

Fast forward a couple decades, and Sarah met Nick. He is a serious weight lifter and was an amateur body builder. On his cheat days, he would ask Sarah to make all kinds of yummy desserts. One day, he asked her to make her chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Oreos. They were a hit. We've been making them ever since for special occasions or whenever the craving hits. 

Fast forward a few more years, and Nick and Sarah own three bars in downtown Grand Forks and have three kids. Life gets super busy and baking gets (mostly) put on pause for Sarah, who is responsible for the financial organization of the businesses and is also a full time graduate student at the University of North Dakota. But she continues to make her cookies. 

Spring 2020. COVID-19 hits and two of the bars are forced to close and one, Brick & Barley, goes to extreme limited hours to prevent the spread of the virus, while still maintaining some business by pivoting their normal operations to take out that includes fun cocktails to go. Since Sarah's Salted Bittersweet Chocolate Chip Cookies were already on the menu, Nick recommended to still sell those. They sold out the first day. So we doubled the batch. Those sold out the next day. We got to 10 batches and knew -- people really like these cookies. Maybe they'll like the stuffed ones too? So, here we are. These giant cookies are eight ounces of dough stuffed with various goodies. Over half a pound each! In recent weeks, people have told Sarah that she is their "cookie dealer" and that the cookies are "addicting". Things are weird, so, we're getting weird too. #movingbricks of cookies is another pivot for us.


Cookies will ONLY be available for pre-ordering on select days - after that, you'll have to stop in to get your cookies. The only way to guarantee your order is to pre-order. 

Ordering options: PICKUP (free) or SHIPPED anywhere in the USA.

SHIPPED COOKIES -- EXACTLY 10 cookie products must be ordered to ensure proper packaging. No exceptions. You will receive USPS tracking confirmation once shipped.  

For custom orders of 50 cookies or more, please e-mail to make arrangements. 

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